How I Can Help You And Your Music:

My philosophy is that every piece of music deserves a professional mix. Too often I hear young, unsigned bands and artists releasing music that is unmixed and unmastered, and as a result people do not give it a chance because it sounds amateur. However, underneath the muddy production lurks a great song! A song that is well arranged, performed with passion and emotion, containing nice melodies and harmonies.

Do your songs lack that professional sheen, sounding ‘muddy’ and ‘crowded’? Do they sound weak and lifeless when played next to modern day releases? Do the balances sound different when you play them on different playback systems? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions then you need to get in touch.

When you pay for time at a recording studio this does not normally include a professional mix, as this takes many extra hours to achieve. The levels of each track can be balanced and you are provided with a ‘Rough Mix’ but this is NOT a fully finished, professional mix – much more work is still needed!

The difference between a ‘Rough Mix’ and a “Finished Mix’ can be astounding – watch the video below:

Give your music the mix it deserves!